Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fashion post: Last night we danced so well that we cleared the dance floor

This was the outfit I wore out Friday night! Wearing red as we headed, unknowingly, to a traffic light party for the LGBT community! Haha! But we still managed to attract the only two straight guys there, and the red still didn't deter them, so we turned away and ignored them! Haha!

But then it got too warm for the cardigan:

Fashion and beauty: My idol, Snow White

Just a post I did on my other blog about my idol, Snow White!!! ;)  It's who I aspire to look like! I want to have my hair as perfect as it is in this post!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Sorry for the neglect...

So lately I haven't been on here and I feel very guilty for neglecting my blog. So I thought I'd promote my latest post from my other blog (Old Fashioned Heart), which also kind of explains the reasons behind my neglect.

Please have a read of this post, it would mean a lot to me if people would read this as I feel it is a subject that not many people understand, or discuss enough. People have this impression in their heads and think they understand, but sometimes people can be still be slightly wrong.