Monday, 26 November 2012

THE most inspirational chocolate cafe ever...

It's actually a post from my other blog, but I wasn't sure if the people who view this blog have seen it... I mean, you need to! It's the best place in Sheffield... Best place, like, EVER!!!!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fashion post: New leather autumn boots

Product review: Nice 'n' Easy hair dye

One, two, three!

I dyed my hair myself for the very first time, normally I get my Mum to do it or a housemate, but as no-one was really here and I dyed my house mates hair for her the night before I thought I could do it. It turned out way better than I expected!

I used Nice ‘n’ Easy… And it truly was that. It was very easy to do straight onto dry hair. At first I thought it wasn’t going to cover my whole head because I’ve never dyed onto dry hair before, but I ended up having extra so massaged it in everywhere to make doubly sure I didn’t miss anywhere. The colour’s great too!

I definitely recommend the colour ‘dark brown’, my hair was fading back to the ginger I had dyed it before, and Nice ‘n’ Easy covered it so I was very happy with that! It was a bit darker than I was expecting but I guess that’s down to the fact that I’ve not used this brand before and the picture on the box was more accurate than I expected.  Added bonus of super soft hair afterwards too! :D

My past few weeks in pictures

So for the past four weeks I have been on placement, I have another six weeks to go and I have a case study to do on top of a nine to ten hour day. I get alternate full days off for study time, so I'll be filling those days up with my case study pretty soon... So in conclusion I haven't had much time, nor will I have gain much more, in order blog... Not until my placement's over really.  So for now I'm just catching quick snaps with my camera/phone, just so I don't feel like I'm neglecting my blog! However, I have just written you a super quick product review… Check next post!

Topshop stole my heart when I saw this extract from Bram Stoker's Dracula on the window

For a city we have a fair bit of water
Breakfast with my parents
Falling in love with the plants in the Botanical Gardens
The warmest fluffiest shawl worn as scarf - a saviour in this weather
Lots of evening-time treats to keep me going through the past 4 weeks
Winter jumper, winter coat and Remembrance Poppy <3 br="br">
Batman themed night! Got to wear my self-put-together Catwoman outfit

I've been getting my crafts hat on too ready for Christmas
More crafts
Rolling in fresh bedding; it's the simple pleasures in life

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